A Fabulash Services

Premium Eyelash Extensions

The same technique is used with this treatment as the classic lash extensions. However, in this treatment the lashes are "flat shaped" at the base of the extension which makes them adhere better to the natural lash and last longer! These extensions are also softer to the touch and give a fuller look.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the first innovation in lash lengthening that can be worn daily without nightly removal and requires minimal maintenance.  They extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes and eliminate the use of daily mascara application. 

Each tapered, synthetic extension is bonded to a single natural lash in order to prevent the interruption of the lash growth cycle and avoid damage to the natural lash, the final result is effortless natural beauty and is difficult to detect close up. No one will ever know they’re not yours, unless you choose to share your secret!

A Fab U Lash Experience uses a professional medical grade adhesive and high quality extensions. After care products are also available to extend the life of your extensions.

New Client Transfer

This service is for new clients that currently have individual extensions that were done by someone other than A Fabulash Experience. 

Often, additional time is needed to repair any issues you may be experiencing with the existing extensions you have on or there may be additional time needed to get the lashes nice and full to maintain regular refills.

In some cases a lash removal and full set of extensions may be needed depending on the quality of the previous artists work. 

Lash Extension Removal

A gel based substance is applied to the base of the lash line to dissolve the adhesive used to apply the extensions. The substance is left on the lashes for approximately 3-5 minutes in which the extension should slide right off to prevent any damage to the natural lashes.

Ellebana Lash Lift and Tint

The  Ellebana lash lift  and tint is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. It is a low maintenance semi-permanent treatment that takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes. This treatment is perfect if you’re happy with the length of your natural lashes but want to give them a perfect curl that lasts up to 12 weeks.

Eyebrow Tinting

Brow tinting requires  a semi-permanent dye specifically used on the eyebrows and eyelashes. This treatment helps frame your eyes beautifully by creating more definition to the brows by enhancing the color, shape and thickness of the brows.

The application takes 5-10 minutes and results last up to 3-4 weeks. The tint gradually fades back to the original color of your brows.

Waxing Services

Ceripil is a hard wax which is used for facial wax services and does not require strips for removal.